Mission statement - COMMITTED TO THE FAMILY

The German Family Association e.V. (DFV) has been committed to the interests of families in Germany on a local, regional and national level for 90 years.

With our non-profit based commitment, we see ourselves as a spokesperson for all families and advocate for a policy in which families are placed at the center of social action and their achievements are recognized. The German Family Association is not affiliated with any political party or denomination and is open to all families in Germany and all those interested in the well-being of the family.

Together with more than 15,500 members, the German Family Association sees itself as a lobby for families. Through its work, the national association has played a significant role in the implementation of many family policy benefits, such as child-rearing allowance, parental leave with guaranteed employment (the forerunner of parental leave), the recognition of child-rearing years in pensions, freedom of choice in childcare, and in the area of housing policy.

Active and committed work is completed on the ground in 16 state associations and many local and district associations. This includes political "interference" as well as a rich program of campaigns, counseling and help offers, and the implementation of family recreations and family education seminars, partly in its own houses.

Through the "DFV-Familie", official website along with its DFV-Newsletter, the German Family Association informs members and interested parties on issues of family policy and everyday family life. By doing so, the German Family Association raises public awareness of family interests beyond the circle of its members.

"For us, a good, sustainable and reliable family policy is the central challenge of the present and the most important course for the future. After all, our children alone are the future of the community. By raising the next generation, families ensure innovation in the economy, politics and culture. They thus create the basic prerequisite for the continued existence of the state and society, for their stability and renewal at the same time."

Dr. Klaus Zeh

President of the German Family Association

Mission statement - COMMITTED TO THE FAMILY!