The German Family Association (DFV) started as a voluntary association by committed parents. It has represented the interests of families residing in Germany throughout the country for more than 90 years. Any family living in Germany can become a member of the DFV, regardless of profession, denomination, political beliefs, orientation or nationality.

The Thuringian regional association of the DFV was founded in 1990. Since then, it has been working as a lobby organization at local and state level to improve the framework conditions for families in Thuringia, e.g.:

- a family-conscious, child-friendly environment,
- a fair equalization of family benefits,
- the recognition of parents' educational achievements in the calculation of pensions,
- the reconciliation of family and work,
- family-friendly housing conditions.

The DFV Thuringia is:

- Member of the German Family Association (Federal Association)
- Member of the Working Group of Thuringian Family Organizations (AKF),
- member of PARITÄTISCHEN Thüringen
- non-profit based in the sense of the tax code on the basis of promoting the protection of marriage and family.

Since 1991, the DFV Thuringia has maintained a regional office based in Erfurt. Furthermore, since 1996, it has created a base in the rooms of its family center Family-Club, located at Ernst-Haeckel-Straße 17/18.

The DFV Thuringia is supported by: